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Alex Evans by Cecanna Alex Evans :iconcecanna:Cecanna 0 2 Graphite Sketch 1 by Cecanna Graphite Sketch 1 :iconcecanna:Cecanna 3 0
I've gone a day wishing you were near.
Iv'e gone a day without you hear.
I've gone a day hoping to see your face.
Iv'e gone a day praying i took your place.
Iv'e gone a day realizing you were gone.
Iv'e gone a day for far to long.
:iconcecanna:Cecanna 0 2
The Falsehood we call Beauty by Cecanna The Falsehood we call Beauty :iconcecanna:Cecanna 0 0
Mature content
Momma :iconcecanna:Cecanna 0 3
3. Lies
A news broadcast blared on every T.V in the country as it reported a letter found written by a straight "A" honor student.
"I remember like it was just yesterday. My favorite pet, Deamon, a small black and white cat had vanished. Youth and innocence consumed me so Deamon meant everything to me; he was my best friend. Heartbroken I dragged myself to my mother pleading for her to find him. Her lips pulled into a weak smile as she spoke, " Honey he left with his other cat friends to adventure the world. He will return someday." Several years later as I dug in the backyard I found a black garbage bag containing his dead corpse. ' He will return.'
Every year parents got children to behave, got me to behave or else they wouldn't receive gifts on Christmas day. I worked feverishly for 365 days on all my chores. I never fought with my sisters in hope I would get a wonderful surprise on Christmas morning. Like clockwork I did. One Christmas eve I woke from my slumber sleep hanging on my
:iconcecanna:Cecanna 1 5
I heard her breath, but i could not see. I wasn't able to see a soul, not even a glimpse in her eyes. I kept trying to remember her face but it was a black blur. Invisible. She was now invisible to the world. No one knows her name, the sound of her voice, or even the way she looked. In an instant she dropped off the face of the planet. Well i believe it was an instant or it could have been a slow progressive thing. I just can't remember. Not a single soul could remember. Night after night i pondered my thoughts trying to solve this mystery. Sometimes i got a glimpse of what she was. I remember her alone. Completely by herself, everyone of her friends left her behind, as she spent nights alone in her dark room.
In my bed i laid trying to conjurer there thoughts, trying to dig into the depths of my mind in hopes of remembering. I spent all my time suffocating my mind with her. I never moved, and i couldn't remember the last time i had eaten. I just sat motionless in place inhaling and ex
:iconcecanna:Cecanna 0 9
Mature content
1. Scared :iconcecanna:Cecanna 2 11
A Rose in a Bush by Cecanna A Rose in a Bush :iconcecanna:Cecanna 0 2 Tainted by Cecanna Tainted :iconcecanna:Cecanna 1 5 Vampire by Cecanna Vampire :iconcecanna:Cecanna 2 2 Miyavi Again by Cecanna Miyavi Again :iconcecanna:Cecanna 1 0 Kyo by Cecanna Kyo :iconcecanna:Cecanna 2 1 Koyuki wip by Cecanna Koyuki wip :iconcecanna:Cecanna 1 6 A touch of green by Cecanna A touch of green :iconcecanna:Cecanna 1 2 Random Chicks back number1 by Cecanna Random Chicks back number1 :iconcecanna:Cecanna 1 4


  • Listening to: eerie silence
  • Reading: great ..who cares
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Day 1: Your name / their name

My name is Katherine Rose Fulbright and his name is Jason Salder

Day 2: Your ages

He is 20 years old
I am 17 years old

Day 3: Your locations

Jason lives in California and i live in Washington.

Day 4: How did you meet?

We met on an app for the ipod touch called who's there

Day 5: Since when have you been together?

Day 6: What is the most random thing you know about him/her?

Day 7: How do you communicate with each other?

Day 8: Favourite thing you've given him/her?

Day 9: Favourite thing she/he has given you?

Day 10: Favourite thing about him/her?

Day 11: Pick one thing you miss (I know there are 19238923842039402394 things) and describe it in detail.

Day 12: How would you define love?

Day 13: What do you think is the hardest thing about distance?

Day 14: Describe a moment you had with him/her last time you were together. (If you haven't met, describe how the perfect moment would be)

Day 15: Favourite love (LDR or not) song?

Day 16: Favourite love (LDR or not) movie?

Day 17: Favourite love (LDR or not) quote?

Day 18: Post a picture of the two of you together. (If you don't have one, post a picture of something you can/could relate to)

Day 19: I know there's not one thing, but choose one of your favourite things to hear her/him say.

Day 20: Is there something you regret? (either about the relationship, or something you have done)

Day 21: Give us a little insight (as much as you're comfortable) on your sex life (either with this person physically, or your general history, or over the phone ha, whatever you want)

Day 22: Share something cute. (A story, something either of you have done, a song, memory, wish, dream)

Day 23: Do you have a song? Which one is it? (if you don't, then what is something that always reminds you of him/her)

Day 24: Describe him/her physically and emotionally/personality-wise

Day 25: One thing that he/she does that pisses you off (even if that smile will get you every time)

Day 26: Sweetest thing he/she has done for you

Day 27: If you had the money/time/connections/whatever to get him/her any gift in the world, what would it be?

Day 28: If you could have him/her with you physically for the next 5 hours, what would you do?

Day 29: When will you see her/him next?

Day 30: Where do you see your future going with him/her


Cecanna's Profile Picture
United States
i have spent alot of time trying to get better at art, 5 years to be exact. I want to make it into a profession one day but sometimes i lack motivation. i like to write stories on the side but i never finish them because im a serious procrastinator

Current Residence: Rainest Place in the Northern Hemisphere
Favourite genre of music: Any type but i really love J-rock
Favourite photographer: Alex Mckee
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Umm i like snail shells
Wallpaper of choice: Dont knows good ones
Skin of choice: My skin is nice
Favourite cartoon character: Ritsuka
Personal Quote: if you have to put more than 5% effort dont do it.


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